Rahmon Agbaje, Loud Parade
Rahmon Agbaje
Loud Parade

Rahmon is an award-winning entrepreneur listed by Forbes 30 Under 30 and winner of the KPMG Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He is co-founder of Loud Parade, the premier music creative and sonic branding agency with over 8 billion views on TikTok. Loud Parade makes bespoke music compositions for brands and creative agencies across all platforms and has worked with Fenty, Nike JBL, JD Sports, WPP and Havas, amongst others. Working at the intersection of Psychology and Music, Loud Parade creates sonic identities which match a brand's aspirational personality bringing objectivity to the usually subjective world of music in advertising by leveraging an AI tool which can test the emotional resonance of sounds. Loud Parade uses music as a form of storytelling, creating unique sonic identities for brands to increase individuality and uniqueness of their campaigns. Through viral sounds they increase brand love, recognition and awareness as well as support with the problem of music licensing through authentic and scientifically backed music solutions.