Welcome to the Audio Advertising Awards 

The 2024 Shortlist is now live.

Campaign is proud to debut the highly anticipated UK-based Audio Advertising Awards shortlist.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday 5 June, for an evening dedicated to bringing together media and advertising professionals. 

Together, let us celebrate the transformative impact of sound in the world of advertising and embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Welcome to an evening of celebration, innovation, and the symphony of audio excellence at the 2024 Audio Advertising Awards Ceremony.


"The audio advertising sector is thriving, both in terms of commercial interest and creativity. Campaign is delighted to be able to support the sector's continued growth, and to champion the best examples of audio-first campaigns at this year's Audio Advertising Awards. We wish all our shortlisted entrants luck, and look forward to celebrating with our winners on 5th June at the Ham Yard Hotel."

Gideon Spanier, UK editor-in-chief of Campaign


Attract and Retain Talent

Winning awards not only demonstrates to the industry your 'best in class' credentials but also to the talented people and teams in your industry. We're all well aware of the challenges around finding or keeping talent at the moment. Arguably it has never been so important to be able to both attract and retain talented people. Who wouldn't want to work for an award winning business?

Attract and Retain Clients

Clients like to win Awards! And always useful in a pitch! Being able to talk about Award winning work can act as a powerful marketing tool to attract new clients and business opportunities. And for the clients you already have on board - what better way to show them they're still working wit the best agency in the business.

Benchmark Yourself!

It's not very often we take a moment to reflect on our collective achievements. Writing an awards entry offers a great opportunity to look back and review the great work or projects you and your teams are producing and how you've been doing it. What worked? What didn't? What did we do really well? An Awards entry is the perfect lens to do this through.

Celebrate Your People

Across the year we all work really hard. The power of being able to show your team/staff that you recognise their endeavours and are proud of their achievements should not be underestimated

Industry Wide Recognition

Winning or even being nominated for these Awards brings prestige and recognition within the industry. It showcases your creativity, innovation, and effectiveness in delivering impactful campaigns. Your work will be seen and judged by our leading-industry panel.

But Why Enter These Awards?

Campaign has always championed excellence within the Advertising, Media and Marketing industries. These Awards continue that legacy for those specialising in Audio. Being recognised by Campaign is aligning yourself with excellence.

Our judging processes are both rigorous and set high standards.

Winning an award validates the quality and creativity of your work and your people.




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Event Manager

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Group Commercial Director

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